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More example sentences. ‘Much of this is due to overambitious expansion plans, according to chief executive Terry Playle.’. ‘The event provides a forum for people to vent their frustrations, as long as they do this within a Translation for 'overambitious' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations. Definition of overambitious. : excessively ambitious The reforms of the Great Society succeeded in markedly reducing poverty, although they fell short of President Lyndon B. Johnson's overambitious goals. — Dennis H. Wrong Dr. Godfrey, who has seen more than his share of the fallout from overambitious exercise programs, advises against jumping and While you should be determined and confident, make sure to not to come across as overambitious. So, for example, if you tell them that you see yourself as the CEO of the company in five years, then the game is lost.

Overambitious examples

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‘Much of this is due to overambitious expansion plans, according to chief executive Terry Playle.’. adjective. Excessively ambitious. ‘I find some overseas prescriptions sound, some obvious, and some overambitious and pretentious.’.

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How to use overambitious in a sentence. Definition of overambitious in the Dictionary. Meaning of overambitious. What does overambitious mean?

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Overambitious examples

Examples of such areas are health policy development in the context of public results however, not answering to all issues in the somewhat over-ambitious  Example: launch time reduced by 10 weeks implies 10 weeks of Overambitious headcount estimates can cut projected savings by 10 percent  av J Elo · Citerat av 13 — over-ambitious subject goals restricted their room for action. The teachers Despite this, the interviews revealed some examples of cross-curricular working. flera av böckerna uttryck för inkompetens och överambition på samma gång. Resultatet blev Programs of empowerment are particularly clear examples of tho-. Laudable, Ahistorical and Overambitious: Security Sector Reform Meets State Reappraising Late Medieval Strategy: The Example of the 1415 Agincourt  by extreme highs and lows in effective essay writing examples and energy. This can lead to over ambitious work plans and the belief that nothing can stop  av J OLSSON · Citerat av 1 — Examples of common structural and storage carbohydrates in seaweeds. You have been part of many decisions that has made overambitious plans become  Överambition?

For some of us, too much ambition may be working against us. ambitious definition: 1. having a strong wish to be successful, powerful, or rich: 2. If a plan or idea is ambitious, it….
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Overambitious examples

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Look it up now! Definition of overambitious in the Fine Dictionary.
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Then there is a baffled son, emotionally involved with an overambitious undertaker. 2020-02-14 · Each of us has ambition.

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Or that time you took on way too many assignments and struggled to juggle them. These types of examples could portray you as forgetful, unreliable, or overambitious. Examples: Overambitious parents can be very harmful to a ^ childs well-being.

Ambitious to an excessive degree. (adjective) Meaning. overambitious. Example. Given you believe it's overambitious, does that lend you to think it's going to fail like the others that have failed in the past couple of years?.